Holocaust educators behind Holby City’s SS storyline

Holocaust educators behind Holby City’s SS storyline

Jewish groups have revealed their involvement in a developing storyline in BBC hospital drama HolbyCity, after an elderly German patient with a dark past was treated by a Jewish doctor in this week’s episode.

The Holocaust Educational Trust (HET) has said it was behind the plot that sees a confused patient go into the hospital when the clinician notices signs that he could be ex-SS.

“We saw this as a real opportunity to put the spotlight on Holocaust awareness and education,” said HET chief executive Karen Pollack. “The HolbyCity team treated the topic with sensitivity throughout the process.”

Holocaust survivor Kitty Hart-Moxon spoke to the HolbyCity cast members, writers and producers, something Pollack said was “particularly pleasing”.

The organisation also put together an educational resource on the back of the advice. Narrated by Natasha Kaplinsky and due to go live on Tuesday, the resource explores why ordinary people became perpetrators during the Holocaust and will be part of the iWonder guide on the BBC website.

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