Jewish football drops to a three-division league next season

Jewish football drops to a three-division league next season

North London Raiders A celebrate lifting last season's Premier Division title
North London Raiders A celebrate lifting last season's Premier Division title
Last season’s Premier Division champions, Norstar London Raiders A

The format for next season’s MGBSFL was revealed at last night’s AGM – with 34 sides set to play across three divisions.

Four fewer sides will be taking part in next season’s campaign, with the decision also being taken to drop a division, meaning the League will now comprise of a 10-team Premier Division, and 12-team Divisions One and Two. 

The figures announced for the new season represent a 50 percent drop in numbers since 2001 when 68 teams contested six divisions.

The 2015/16 campaign which starts on 6 September will include three new additions – Scrabble and Real Hendon, while AC Mill Hill have joined forces with Faithfold to become the Green’s B team, with the B team now becoming the C team, who return to the League fold.

Maccabi London Lions have been reprieved from relegation from the Premier Division, while London Rovers and Real Sosobad are given a double promotion.

Speaking about the format – and changing the League to three divisions, League chairman David Wolff told “We did it like this to make it more competitive, we could have had four divisions with fewer sides in it, but if teams drop out, it becomes a lot less competitive.”

Referring to the drop in numbers, he said: “It’s a significant loss, but it’s also indicative of a significant drop of interest in 11-a-side football across the whole country. I think Jewish football is in as good a state as it can be in right now, we can’t force people to play in the League. We just provide them with the football and players can either take it or leave it.”

Wolff also confirmed the roll on-roll off rule will stay for next year’s Peter Morrison Cup, while a vote as to whether the competition stays as per last season, with northern and southern sides allowed to be drawn against each other from the first round, to be made on Monday.

Premier Division:
Blizzard Storm
Camden Park
Faithfold A
FC Team A
Hendon United Sports A
Maccabi London Lions A
North London Raiders A
Oakwood A
Redbridge Jewish Care A

First Division:
Brady Maccabi
Brixton Old Boys
Faithfold B
FC Team B
London Rovers
Los Blancos
North London Raiders B
Oakwood B
Real Sosobad
Redbridge Jewish Care B
Woodford Wanderers

Second Division:
Athletic Bilbaum
Boca Jewniors
Catford & Bromley Maccabi
Faithfold C
FC Team C
Hendon United Sports B
Maccabi London Lions B
North London Raiders C
Real Hendon
Temple Fortune

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