Jewish football loses another team as Faith-fold

Jewish football loses another team as Faith-fold

Faithfold celebrating the third of their Premier Division titles in 2013

Former Jewish football giants Faithfold A have become the latest team to fold from the MGBSFL.

Confirming their withdrawal from the League, manager Daniel Beresford said: “Unfortunately with a lack of players since the start of the season we have tried to keep it together, but with results being what they have been – which has obviously been very disappointing and disheartening for all involved – it’s the best all round and hopefully can still have two strong teams in the first and second division.

Beresford took over as manager of the three-times Premier Division winners at the start of the season, replacing Zuriel Solomon, but the club have lost all nine league games this season, which left them rooted to the foot of the Premier Division table.

Calling it a sad day for Jewish football and Faithfold as a club, Beresford added: “They have been a club in the Premier Division for 26 years so it’s a sad day. Obviously I didn’t have the final say in the  decision, I wish we could have just given that little extra, but with numbers each week being a major problem. We didn’t once play the same team for two games in a row.

“I’m upset that we couldn’t continue but the way things were going, we would have just been the worst season ever in MSFL history!”

Commenting on the loss, League chairman David Wolff said: “The withdrawal of Faithfold A from the league highlights a worrying trend in 11-a-side football. Although this seems to be national, I can assure you that the league’s Management Committee are looking at ways to buck this in our own organisation. A sub-committee has been established to suggest various initiatives to incorporate.

“I must emphasise that all leagues are governed by the FA Rules and Regulations and there is not a wide scope to apply any rules that are not compliant with those of the FA. The real problem is to attract and retain the interest of young people who are probably involved in other interests.

“We will do all we can to increase the numbers and stop others from falling by the wayside.”

The Premier Division will now consist of nine teams, with as League rules dictate, all their results being expunged. Faithfold B and C will continue unaffected.

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