Jewish drivers offered a peace deal

Jewish drivers offered a peace deal

Motorists can bid for a unique 'SHA 1OM' number plate on an online auction site

Jewish drivers were this week weighing up whether to bid for a private number plate reading ‘SHA 10M.’

Bids of more than £1,000 were being invited before 20 November on the online auction site, which is selling the unique registration plate.

One Jewish News reader said: “My new Muslim neighbour in Golders Green has one reading ‘SA1 AAM’ so I may bid for ‘SHA 10M’ just to even things up.”

In June, the DVLA pulled a registration plate because it looked like it spelled the word ‘jihad.’

A Ford Fiesta with the plate ‘JH11 HAD’ was spotted driving in Newport and reported to authorities. The DVLA said it “slipped through the net” and it had withdrawn it, sending a replacement plate to the owner.

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