‘Neo-Nazi’ clothes shop opens next door to Chief Rabbi

‘Neo-Nazi’ clothes shop opens next door to Chief Rabbi

The shop in Finchley
The shop in Finchley

A branch of a German clothing brand worn by neo-Nazis has opened in North Finchley, just yards from the Office of the Chief Rabbi.

The new store in North Finchley
Copyright: Georgie Gillard

The new store from Thor Steiner, which has been banned in the German Bundestag and in many of the country’s football grounds, is also doors away from the Islamic Association of North London.

The brand was launched in Germany in 2002 and its original logo featured runes placed together to look like the insignia of the SS. Two years ago, it named a new German store Brevik, which critics claimed was in honour of right-wing Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

Surveyor Ben Glickman, 43, from North Finchley, told the Daily Mail: “It’s disgraceful that this store has opened in such a prominent Jewish area of London, and with so many other ethnic minorities. It is deliberately provocative.”

He added: “As a result of the store being advertised on a neo-Nazi website, it is likely also that it would attract far-right hooligans to the area. This is extremely worrying.”

In a statement, the Community Security Trust (CST) said: “This is a multi-cultural area with very few problems from racism, neo-Nazism and the like. This shop is not welcome here and the sooner it moves on the better.”

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