Jewish bloc in Trump protests appeal to community to take a stand

Jewish bloc in Trump protests appeal to community to take a stand

President Trump’s three-day trip has been confirmed this week, prompting Jewish activists to plan a demonstration

Stop Trump protests in 2018
Stop Trump protests in 2018

Organisers of a “Jewish bloc” in protests against President Donald Trump’s state visit have appealed to the community to join the march on June 4. 

Trump’s three-day trip has been confirmed this week, almost a year after his state visit last July was downgraded to a working visit amid security concerns.

Jewish activists have planned to join protests against President trump in London on June 4.

Organisers say they are expecting around 100 British Jews to join, after their demonstration last year drew in crowds of protesters bearing placards and slogans. 

The trip set to take place from June 3 to 5 will feature a meeting with the Queen and talks with Theresa May.

The President and First Lady Melania Trump will also attend a ceremony in Portsmouth to mark 75 years since the D-Day landings before joining further commemorative events in Normandy.

“Just like last year, we will sing, we will pray with our feet and we will be proudly Jewish in the face of Trump’s antisemitism. Bring your bubbe along too,” reads a statement on the bloc’s Facebook page.

Amos Schonfield, who is an organiser and a board deputy, told Jewish News: “We know that we have many members of our community who are alarmed by the rhetoric of Trump.

“I want to see people who are happy to make statements [criticising Trump] to march alongside us.

“It’s one thing to be there for the closed-door meetings and another slogging through the streets of London come rain or shine.”

“It is clearer than ever that we must take against stand against Trump’s bigotry and the way he is using his presidency to embolden the far-right,” a spokesperson added in a statement.

“We know that most British Jews are fiercely opposed to him, and we hope they will join us to march, sing and pray in solidarity with American Jews and the countless other minorities whose rights and safety are under threat from his administration.”

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