Jewish Blind and Disabled: The key to independence

Jewish Blind and Disabled: The key to independence

Over 45 years experience has enabled Jewish Blind & Disabled to develop a bank of knowledge about the features and gadgets that make independence a reality for people who thought that their disability would lead to a life of dependence and loss of dignity.

This knowledge not only covers the latest technological developments – such as automatic hygienic toilets that clean the user so that they don’t have to ask for help with this most personal of tasks; but also little thoughtful touches that make life easier for all – such as putting the keyhole above the door handle making it more easily accessible for anyone whose sight to dexterity is impaired.

Thus, Jewish Blind & Disabled tenants know that whey they are given the lease to their own mobility apartment they are given more than just the key to their own front door, they are given the key to their own independence.


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