Jewdas Holocaust joke on Twitter sparks fury

Jewdas Holocaust joke on Twitter sparks fury

Left-wing Jewish group branded 'obnoxious and ignorant' for tweet about anti-Brexit petition which launched jibe at Board of Deputies

A provocative Jewish group has been branded “obnoxious and ignorant” for joking about the number of people murdered in the Holocaust in a jibe at the Board of Deputies.

In a tweet about the anti-Brexit petition to revoke Article 50, Jewdas wrote: “The Board of Deputies has requested that the Revoke Brexit Petition skip from 5.99 million straight to 7 million out of respect for Jewish sensibilities.”

The tweet, which has had almost 300 replies and been quote-tweeted more than 150 times, references the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust and has sparked a furious backlash.

Actress Tracey Anne-Oberman asked: “Are you thick or just offensive? Or do you feel that support by Jeremy [Corbyn] gives you license to be both?”

Comedian Ian Stone wrote: “I have a certain level of experience in the area of humour and I would suggest you’ve missed the mark with this one. Just a professional opinion. Not offended, just think it’s not that good a gag”. In reply, David Baddiel mocked Jewdas saying: “Boo. Get off. I’d say.”

Journalist Oliver Kamm weighed in, writing: They’re obnoxious, ignorant so predictably attract an antisemite of nugatory intellect like Corbyn.”

The Community Security Trust’s Dave Rich said: “They will be delighted by the fuss this tweet has caused, because the whole point is to wind up the rest of the Jewish community. I suggest their seder guests bear that in mind this year.”

Barrister Barbara Rich added: “I’m about as lapsed as it’s possible to be, but I’m also the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, who died many years ago. This is asinine, & can only reflect badly on you & provide succour for those who do not care for British Jews”.

Comedian and sketchwriter Sara Gibbs said: “I do this for a living & if you’re an adult & find Holocaust jokes edgy & hi-larious there’s something wrong with you. Also in *this* climate, if the target of the joke is “Jewish leaders terrified of another genocide after one happened in living memory” it’s especially unfunny.”

Mocking those criticising them for the tweet, Jewdas replied: “We gather that some people were offended by one of our recent tweets so we’d like to clarify: it’s ok to make jokes about the Board of Deputies.”

Jewdas shot into the limelight last year after hosting Jeremy Corbyn at its left-wing Pesach seder. The Labour leader was criticised by the Jewish community for shunning the mainstream bodies, and opting for the fringe group instead It has been approached for further comment.

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