Jerusalem synagogue vandalised with crosses

Jerusalem synagogue vandalised with crosses

An Iranian-run shul had the christian symbol daubed on its front, as police investigate

A Jerusalem synagogue was vandalized with black crosses spray painted on its outside walls.

The vandal attack occurred on Sunday night at an Iranian-run Orthodox synagogue in the Katamon neighborhood in southern Jerusalem.

The synagogue notified police of the possible hate crime on Monday morning. Police have opened an investigation into the incident. A police spokesman told Israeli media there were no suspects or known motives.

PoliceThe crosses were spray painted on the wall and on the windows of the synagogue. Synagogues in other cities throughout Israel also have been vandalized in recent months, including in Petah Tikvh and Safed, where Jews were believed to be the perpetrators, and in Tel Aviv.

Several attacks also have been made on church property in the Jerusalem area and northern Israel, and mosques in the West Bank in recent years. (JTA)

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