Jerusalem professor hailed as ‘baby whsperer’ after lecturing with crying kid

Jerusalem professor hailed as ‘baby whsperer’ after lecturing with crying kid

A great professor - Imgur
A great professor - Imgur


So one of the students came with her kid, because she didn't have a babysitter. the kid starts to cry in the middle of the class, so his mom, all embarrassed gets up to leave, and the professor took the kid from her, calmed him and continued teaching.

Photos of a Jerusalem professor lecturing while carrying a baby who’d been crying have gone viral as students around the world praised him for his approach.

Hebrew University’s Prof. Sydney Engelberg, 67, is being hailed as a “baby whisperer” after the picking up and calming the young child of a female student, then continuing the class with the infant in his arms.

“My dad just loves kids and loves babies, he has five grandchildren,” recalled his daughter Sarit. “He just takes the baby, he’s the one that’s in motion, he’s walking around the class and continues teaching, as if nothing had happened.”

South African native Engelberg, a social psychologist with 45 years’ teaching experience, knows the difficulties of getting child care and of studying while raising a family, so he encourages young mothers to attend with their children, said Sarit.

Photos of the professor appeared on Imgur, a website for visual stories, and has since been viewed over a million times, with positive feedback streaming in.

“This is a professor who truly cares about the education of his students,” wrote one, while another said of the young mother: “I can’t imagine how much that must have meant to her.”

The hope now is that fame does not go to Engelberg’s head, after his wife revealed that his exploits had even led to him being sent love letters in the post.

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