EXCLUSIVE: Jerry Springer accuses Donald Trump of ‘giving cover to racists’

EXCLUSIVE: Jerry Springer accuses Donald Trump of ‘giving cover to racists’

Francine Wolfisz is the Features Editor for Jewish News.

Jerry Springer has openly accused Donald Trump of “giving cover to racists” and warned a win for the Republican front-runner will bring America to the brink of civil war, writes Francine Wolfisz

Jerry Springer
Jerry Springer

Speaking exclusively to the Jewish News ahead of tonight’s so-called Super Tuesday II – for which voters in five states will go to the polls – the popular American television host also said “it would take a generation to recover” should the billionaire property mogul succeed in his race to the White House.

The 72-year-old presenter, a former mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, said Trump’s right-wing policies were making “racist attitudes acceptable.”

He said: “It is foolhardy to believe that he is not throwing wood on the fire here. He is giving cover – and I think he knows better – to racists. He is making it acceptable for people with these horrible, racist attitudes to think this is acceptable. 

“They think: ‘We have a man running for president saying this stuff, so it’s ok if I say it.’ That’s what’s dangerous about Trump. What he is doing is evil and horrific.”

Springer added that a Trump success would lead to unrest and a mass population migration.

Donald Trump

“I think there won’t be an outright civil war but there would be more disruption than America has seen since the actual Civil War.

“His biggest problem would be trying to handle the visas of all the Americans trying to get out!”

The popular chat show host made the comments while speaking about this week’s launch of the World Jewish Relief (WJR) Archives project.

WJR has finished digitising its archives containing hundreds of thousands of documents about the people they helped rescue from Nazi Germany shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War. Springer’s parents were among those saved.

For the full interview with Jerry Springer, see this week’s Jewish News, out Thursday.

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