Jeremy Corbyn: Deniers of anti-Semitism in Labour are part of problem

Jeremy Corbyn: Deniers of anti-Semitism in Labour are part of problem

Labour leader says cases are ‘few’ but vows to take personal responsibility in tackling scourge

Justin Cohen is the News Editor at the Jewish News

Jeremy Corbyn has said that anyone who denies the existence of anti-Semitism is part of the problem.

The Labour leader made the comments in a video released on social media as he and his party continue to be engulfed by scandal over antisemitism. Members are also expected to receive a message on the issue from the leader today.

While he insisted cases were “few” – less than 0.1 percent of the total membership – Corbyn says “one is too many”.

Pledging that it is “my responsibility to root out anti-Semitism”, he said: “I’m sorry for the hurt that’s been caused to many Jewish people. We have been too slow in processing disciplinary cases. We are working to speed these up.

“Our party must never be a home for such people and never will be. People who use antisemitic poison need to understand you
Do not do it in my name or the name of the party. You are not our supporters”.

Much of the video echoes the words he used in a Guardian oped that has been criticised by the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council.

But in his strongest message yet on those who deny anti-Semitism exists in the party, Corbyn adds: “Anyone who denies this has surfaced in our party is clearly wrong and contributing to the problem.”

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