Jackie Walker disciplinary hearing starts today

Jackie Walker disciplinary hearing starts today

Former Momentum vice-chair who was twice suspended by the Labour Party will find out her fate

Jackie Walker
Jackie Walker

A Labour disciplinary hearing for former Momentum vice-chair Jackie Walker will open today, three years after she was first suspended.

She was initially disciplined after saying that “many Jews were chief financiers of the slave trade”, before being quickly readmitted after an investigation.

Walker was again suspended in October 2016 after being filmed at a Jewish Labour Movement training event at the party’s annual conference, saying Holocaust Memorial Day should include other genocides – which it already does.

She also said she had not yet seen a definition of antisemitism she could “work with” and questioned why Jewish schools needed special security measures.

Since her suspension, Walker has been touring the country with a film about how she was “lynched” by Israel supporters, after she was twice suspended.

Earlier this month, the Sunday Telegraph reported that Walker’s film cites a number of emails, written by party officials, revealing that they were keen to minimise the complaints of antisemitic behaviour against her.

Walker is currently awaiting a disciplinary hearing with a three-person disputes panel – though the members of the panel aren’t known.

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