Ivan Lewis wins fifth term as Bury South MP

Ivan Lewis wins fifth term as Bury South MP

Ivan Lewis MP
Ivan Lewis MP
Bury South MP Ivan Lewis

Labour veteran Ivan Lewis saw his share of the vote increase as he successfully defended his Bury South constituency for the fifth time.

The Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary, first elected in the Labour landslide of 1997, said he was “privileged” to be re-elected in his home patch.

Though a late recount cast doubt on the eventual result, Mr Lewis’ 11.4% majority represents an increase of over 1,000 votes from 2010.

In his acceptance speech, the MP – formerly chief executive of Manchester’s Jewish Federation charity – said that he still wanted to be “an agent for change” and that the public wanted a change from the “bedroom tax, food bank scandal and zero hours contracts”.

He said: “People can get cynical in politics but I still get a buzz from serving the area where I am from”.

“To be elected for a fifth term is remarkable. It is a privilege. But with that privilege comes responsibility”.

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