VIDEO: Gaza rockets wreck Israeli wedding

VIDEO: Gaza rockets wreck Israeli wedding

weddingThis is the moment a couple’s wedding celebrations descended into chaos as terrorist missiles from Gaza exploded overhead.

An open-air wedding in Holon, central Israel, was cut short on Tuesday evening by rockets targeting civilians.

A guest filmed events as they unfolded yesterday, capturing the interception of a missile by Israel’s Iron Dome defence system and the subsequent fleeing of guests.

The wedding, which was taking place in Holon, was in full flow when tzeva adom, the code red siren, went off. Guests are seen to look up as a fiery object streaks across the darkened sky.

Though the missile – launched by Hamas terrorists in Gaza – is swiftly destroyed by Iron Dome, an explosion is soon heard close-by. Men, women and children are seen to hasten towards exits, having been instructed to head for air-raid shelters.

The bride and groom walk briskly across the central table to make their escape.

Posted on Youtube on Tuesday evening, the video had amassed 3,674 views by Wednesday morning.

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