Israeli golfers master their way to GB win

Israeli golfers master their way to GB win

Both teams on the Caesaria golf course

Hours before Jordan Spieth clinched this year’s golf Masters title, Israel grabbed the annual honours as they beat GB 6-4 at the Caesaria golf course.

The visitors were captained by Jeremy Smouha and included AJGCS National Scratch Champion Ricky Curtis in their ranks, while the Israelis were captained by former tour professional Itamar Cohen, and had Israeli champion Barry Shaked and the former Commander in Chief of the Israeli Air Force Eliezer Shkedi in their squad.

The hosts captured the first two points, before Mark Gershinson, with four birdies to his name, scored the GB’s first point together with Russell Nathan.

Three more Israeli points and two more GB points went up on the board as the match became finely balanced, and as the last two games came up the 18th fairway, GB were chasing a 5-5 draw.

However, it was the hosts who prevailed, as they took the Cup 6-4, leaving Jeremy Smouha of fund managers and sponsors Atlanticomnium, to present the cup to the winning team.

GB Team: Jeremy Smouha (capt.) Ricky Curtis, Mark Gershinson, Russell Nathan, Lawrence Sugarman, Jeremy Berman, Paul Phillips, Henry Arnold, Stuart Glyn, Danny Dreyfuss, Errol Rudnick, Dan Kattan, Adam Hudaly, Shachar Cohen, Ezra Sharabani, Edward Misrahi, Randall Winn, David Cohen, David Kyte, Tony Page

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