Israeli footballer caught up in sex scandal video

Israeli footballer caught up in sex scandal video

Antony Varenne told teammates he was "embarrassed and sorry" after footage emerged of him performing sexual acts on an 'unconscious' woman

Antony Varenne. Picture: Beitar Jerusalem FC
Antony Varenne. Picture: Beitar Jerusalem FC

An Israeli footballer has been filmed performing sexual acts on a seemingly unconscious woman.

Footage of Beitar Jerusalem striker Antony Varenne was shared on WhatsApp and other social media platforms on Thursday, which shows the French-Israeli, along with three other men – footballers who play in lower league football – perform a series of sexual acts on the woman, who appears to be be motionless.

The video was shot several years ago when Varenne was at a different club, and he reportedly told his teammates that he was “embarrassed and sorry”, adding: “I made a mistake.”

After the video was released on Wednesday evening, he told Mako News: “I’ve stumbled. It happened only once and will never happen again. I will have to live with the shame and insult all my life. Those who know me know this is out of character.”

The Israeli Football Association said they won’t take disciplinary measures against him, having consulted with layers, though did release a statement which read: “We expect soccer players, and everyone else, to behave properly and with respect.” His current club, Beitar Jerusalem, held a meeting and have seemingly drawn a line under the incident. Police however, may yet launch an investigation.
Israeli journalists have said the footage is “difficult to watch”, while the player himself has turned his phone off, and has only left his house for training.
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