Israeli firm charged with running Rio Olympics security

Israeli firm charged with running Rio Olympics security

The company's boss said they have 'done everything' to ensure its safety, using some of the latest Israeli technology

Stephen is the Jewish News' Foreign Editor

Maracanã Stadium Rio de Janeiro
Maracanã Stadium Rio de Janeiro

An Israeli company has been charged with coordinating security for the Rio Olympics.

Tomer Fulman, chief executive of International Security & Defense Systems (ISDS), said he had been “living and breathing these Olympics for four years,” in an interview with Israeli business journal Globe.

ISDS, which also protects embassies, secures rock concerts and trains Special Forces, has been tasked with protecting more than 100 heads of state, 10,000 athletes and hundreds of thousands of visitors.

“We know we have done everything,” said Fulman, explaining that his firm is using technology from 30 other Israeli companies, much of it pioneering.

On the risk of terrorism, he said: “There are very large forces that know how to operate, and have the training for it. Most of the emphasis is on prevention.”

He added: “You don’t need a mega terror attack to miss out on the amazing atmosphere of this event: it’s enough to disrupt the opening ceremony, so we’re involved in everything, including security at airports, seaports, and critical infrastructure.”

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