Israeli embassy in Dublin warns: You’ll be next!

Israeli embassy in Dublin warns: You’ll be next!

The Israeli embassy in Dublin has admitted to posting a series of posters on its Facebook page, warning west European cities that they will become increasingly Muslim while extolling Israel as “the last frontier of the free world”.  1

The extraordinary images, which the Irish media was quick to condemn as “grotesque,” included a mocked-up Molly Malone in a burqa, daubed with the words: “Israel now, Dublin next.”

Similar posters were used for different cities, with the same warning going to Paris, accompanied by an image of the Mona Lisa wearing the Muslim garment.

Sinn Fein foreign affairs spokesman Sean Crowe said: “When 1,050 people have been killed, it’s wrong to make light of the situation.”

He added: “This is such a sensitive time, you would think an embassy would treat it as such and would send out messages of reconciliation, not fan the flames.

“I can’t understand why anyone would take time to post stuff like this.”

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