Israeli Biton abused by own Celtic fans

Israeli Biton abused by own Celtic fans

Nir Biton in U21 Israel action

Celtic midfielder Nir Biton has been told he’s no longer welcome at the club by their own fans after he posted his support for Israel on his Instagram account.

The U21 international posted a prayer on his account which featured a prayer containing the line: “May God cause the enemies who rise up against us to be struck down before them.”

Abused by some of the Glasgow club’s supporters, he removed the prayer shortly after, replacing it with  the picture of a globe and the message “Peace on Earth” with Biton’s own tagline: “#Pray for #Peace”.

Among the abuse he suffered came from one fan, James Tuohy, who tweeted: “Nir Biton posts days after 4 young boys are blown up in Palestine by Israeli rockets. An insult to their deaths. Celtic should sack him.”

BITONWEBAnother, Jordan Turner, said: “As far as I am concerned Nir Biton now no longer has a place at Glasgow Celtic.”

However, others did say he has the right to air his own opinion, with James Hunt saying: “I don’t agree with Nir Biton, miles from it, but I respect his right to have an opinion on his own country.”

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