Israeli Bake-Off star produces cake for Queen’s birthday celebration

Israeli Bake-Off star produces cake for Queen’s birthday celebration

Nitzan Krivine was invited by British ambassador David Quarrey to bake up the sweet treat for the occasion

Nitzan (right) and with her celebratory cake
Nitzan (right) and with her celebratory cake

Revellers at the Israel reception to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday had a sweet treat in store after Nitzan Krivine, winner of Bake-Off Israel with Shy Golan, 36, was invited by Britain’s ambassador David Quarrey to produce a cake for the occasion.

Krivine, 35, whose grandparents David and Daphne Krivine are from London, responded by producing a towering confection covered in tiny Union Jacks for the event, attended by 1,000 guests and held at Ra’anana Park, which had been transformed into an imitation of the Mall in London.

Quarrey paid tribute to the Queen’s “extraordinary life” as guests – including several members of the Knesset, foreign ambassadors and Israeli tourism minister Yariv Levin – were treated to the music from an RAF band and a Beatles tribute act, with celebratory events in the UK beamed-in via a big screen.

Praising the Queen’s exemplary record of service as Britain’s longest-serving monarch, Quarrey said: “In the 65th year of her reign, it is a country transformed, economically, socially and demographically – a modern, vibrant, diverse country, proud of its traditions but among the most innovative and creative societies in the world.”

Hailing the strong relationship between Britain and Israel, he added: “We are celebrating another year of the friendship and partnership between our two countries…This is the reality that I see every day in my job – better cooperation in more fields than ever before between the UK and Israel.

“We stand unequivocally against boycotts. But more important is what we stand for – a strong partnership between our countries.”

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