Israel snubbed as Euro 2020 hosts

Israel snubbed as Euro 2020 hosts

Jerusalem’s Teddy stadium hosted Israel vs England at the U21 European Championships last summer

Israel have missed out on being one of the 13 joint-hosts of the 2020 European Championships after UEFA dismissed their bid of hosting four games at Jerusalem’s Teddy Stadium.

In evaluating the stadium, UEFA wrote: “Regarding safety and security, the stadium has not provided any relevant certificates or evacuation plans, the location of the control room is not identified. The only information provided is the number of turnstiles, which is insufficient.”

While conceding renovation work was being planned for the stadium, they added: “no information about the investment budget.” The stadium also didn’t provide “any useful information which could support” its evaluation that it could provide for spectator welfare, while also didn’t fulfill requirements concerning the size and location of the broadcast compound, stadium media center, press conference room, mixed zone, flash area, indoor TV sudios or pitch-view studios.

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