IN PICTURES: Preparation for campus life with UniFest 2015

IN PICTURES: Preparation for campus life with UniFest 2015

University students and school leavers came together for a day-long festival workshops, lectures and performances at JW3.

To help prepare for campus life, the day offered prospective students a range of session from tackling anti-Semitism on campus, to Israel advocacy, in addition to discussions and lectures. 

There was a class on experimental cocktail making, a talk with Emma Spitzer, MasterChef Finalist 2015, and discussions on different faiths’. There was also a question & answer session with next year’s JSoc presidents, from 8 top universities.

The event had an array of impressive speakers, including Dalia Borenstein, of LinkedIn, Leanne Hoffman, psychotherapist and counsellor and Sophie Newton, Director at Brainlabs, leading PPC agency.

Trevor Pears CMG, Executive Chair of Pears Foundation said: ‘The aim of UniFest is to provide a fun and creative space that will help students to explore and prepare for all aspects of student life, from cooking on a budget through to being confident Jewish ‘ambassadors’ on campus.’ 
 The event was held on 10 September at JW3, and Jewish News was the media partner. 

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