IN PICTURES: Mitzvah Day Interfaith tea

IN PICTURES: Mitzvah Day Interfaith tea

Daniela and Trevor Pears opened their home to supporters of Mitzvah Day on Sunday, as people from different faiths gathered to press for more social action.

Guest speakers included Camden vicar, Rev. Marjorie Brown, and Julie Siddiqi, Vice President of the Islamic Society of Britain, who highlighted the strong impact Mitzvah Day has had on their Christian and Muslim communities.

Guests from the world of business included Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn and Telereal Trillium’s chief executive Graham Edwards.

Mitzvah Day founder Laura Marks said: “Both by making Jewish people confident and by bringing people of other faiths together, we can really make a difference in troubled times.”

Siddiqi said: “It’s great to hear that Mitzvah Day has plans to expand into Europe. In light of what happened in Paris, building connections between our communities becomes ever more important.”

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