IN PICTURES: Laniado’s Mister Chef

IN PICTURES: Laniado’s Mister Chef

In an exact replica of what surely happens in most homes, Jewish men were sent to work in the kitchen as Jewish women were waited on hand and foot and wined and dined at an event in aid of Laniado Hospital in Netanya.

The gender stereotyping occurred earlier this month, with 400 guests in the UK taking part in the Mister Chef series, which saw similar events held as far afield as Israel, Holland and Hong Kong.

At the dinner party, gents donned aprons and took charge of the kitchen to produce a three-course kosher meal for their ladies, using recipes from restaurants Beit HaMadras, Novellino and Met Su Yan.

Those present helped to raise £10,000 for a new defibrillator in the cardiac department at the hospital, which serves a population of 350,000 people in the region.

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