IN PICTURES: Beit Halochem golf day

IN PICTURES: Beit Halochem golf day

 Eli Shrira Picture

The sunniest day of the year helped create the perfect atmosphere for the annual Beit Halochem golf event, held in the beautiful setting of Hartsbourne golf course – raising money for Israel’s disabled veterans. The 100 golfers met Beit Halochem veteran, 57-year-old Eli Shrira, an IDF lieutenant severely wounded in Lebanon in 1981 while on active duty. Eli is an active member of the Beit Halochem Centre in Haifa and has been playing golf for the past three years. The winning team included Alex Beare, Nick Jay, Hylton Treisman and Trevor Abrahmsohn scoring an impressive 94 points. CEO of the UK charity, Spencer Gelding, was delighted with the day which raised more than £42,000.

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