Iain Duncan Smith warns against “bullying” of Jews in the workplace

Iain Duncan Smith warns against “bullying” of Jews in the workplace

Iain Duncan Smith speaking at the event (Picture credit: CST on Twitter)

Iain Duncan Smith has warned against religious ‘bullying’ in the workplace.

The Work and Pensions Secretary launched the Board of Deputies ‘Employers Guide to Judaism’ at an event last night, where he sounded the warning.

He said “nobody should feel they have to choose between their faith and their job” and called for employers with Jewish workers to ensure “nobody should be harassed, bullied, or intimidated at work because of their religion.”

“Work should be a place of dignity and respect, an environment where the talents and skills of different groups are valued” he added.

The 14-page guide explains Jewish law and practice, including sections on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, kashrut and legal rights of employees.

A message from the Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, was read out by Board Vice President Marie van der Zyl. It said “we are deeply proud to have had successive UK governments which have taken steps to ensure that there should be no conflict between living a life of religious faith and building a successful career.”

You can read the Employers Guide here.

The event was held at the offices of Gordon Dadds law firm. 

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