Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1989!

Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1989!

I Grew Up In Edgware Station – the reunion!

Edgware Station in the 80s was replaced by Elstree Studios in 2013 on Saturday night as more than 200 members of London’s most popular Facebook group, I Grew Up In Edgware Station (IGUIES) got together for a reunion more than 30 years in the making, writes Georgie Tarn.

The event for the group, launched in February by Steve Belasco with the assistance of Karen Harris, Dean Carr and Russell Gilbert, saw money being raised for Aims to Cure (for MS) & Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, which specialises in treating eye cancer.
A great many of the group’s 2,330 members were not able to attend, but their absence didn’t prevent them posting messages from all over the world, which were projected on a giant screen at the venue.

One, by Richie Sawyer, said: “IGUIES, party hard like its 1983. No cares, no mortgage, no kids and plenty of hair!” Guests were taking photos, exchanging phone numbers, and like all good Edgware Station parties “becking” outside.

UGUIES member Rachel Bradman later posted on the Facebook group’s page: “I cannot express enough the emotion of what I saw. The boys were hugging and kissing their friends as much as the girls.  There was an incredible air of genuine love and friendship that had transcended time, people picking up where they left off 20 years or so earlier. Egos were left at the door. It was magical to witness.

“A great night isn’t all about glitzy production – it’s about the vibe and feeling which was just wonderful. An amazing feat accomplished by the admin crew to pull such a night together in such a short period of time.”

Steve said: “Connecting people feels like a great achievement and has made me very happy. It was such a great night.”

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