Hundreds party with Dana International for Israel’s birthday
VIDEOEurovision star wows over 700 people

Hundreds party with Dana International for Israel’s birthday

The former Eurovision winner performed in front of over 700 people at the ZF's Yom Ha'atzmaut party on Thursday night

Justin Cohen is the News Editor at the Jewish News

Dana International was the star act as more than 700 revellers celebrated Israel’s Birthday at the Zionist Federation’s Yom Haatzmaut extravaganza last night.

The former Eurovision winner returned to the country where she took the crown to perform ‘Diva’ as well as other hits from her career.

The event, compared by LBC’s Nick Ferrari, also saw West End star Shimi Goodman take the audience on a journey from other Eurovision classics including Hallelujah, accompanied by performers from the Israeli Dance Institute.

Mark Regev, celebrating his first Yom Haatzmaut as ambassador in Israel, hailed the country’s “success story” in building a first world economy while offering help to those in need following disasters around the world.

Ferrari said: “I’m so proud and honoured to have received this invitation. I wouldn’t have turned it down for the world.”

Paul Charney, Chairman of the Zionist Federation said “It was incredible to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s 68th Birthday, with over 700 people in the centre of London. The audience, Israelis and Brits, Jews, Christians and Muslims, all different cultures, colours and creeds, came together and created what can only be described as an electric atmosphere. We were honoured to have the new Ambassador, Mr Mark Regev and his son join us and also to have one of Israel’s best selling artists, Dana International, here to celebrate with us was remarkeable. Of course the fantastic Nick Ferrari brought the whole show together, showing that Zionism is not only a Jewish value, but a universal value and most importantly, a British value”

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