Hull students the latest to disaffiliate from NUS
CAMPUSHull University opts out of NUS on low voter turnout

Hull students the latest to disaffiliate from NUS

North-east university's student union becomes the third to leave after election of 'anti-Zionist' president

Stephen is the Jewish News' Foreign Editor

A third university has voted to disaffiliate from the National Union of Students, only weeks after the organisation elected an “anti-Zionist” president.

Hull University students opted to leave the NUS by 811 votes to 476, in a decision marked by low voter turnout, with less than one in ten learners casting their ballot.

Hull now joins Newcastle and Lincoln in choosing to sever links with the national body after considerable disquiet from thousands of students led universities to consider their future association.

The move will save Hull University’s student union £40,000 per annum, and comes as several other institutions around the country gear up for a referendum, to decide whether they too want to disaffiliate.

New NUS president had earlier antagonised Jewish societies with her past comments attacking “Zionist-led media” and describing the University of Birmingham as a “Zionist outpost”.

She has said that criticism of Zionism and Israel’s actions does not necessarily amount to anti-Semitism, but the Union of Jewish Students has said she will have to apologise for past comments if she wants to build a working relationship with the Jewish representative body.

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