How to look “Love Island” fabulous this summer

How to look “Love Island” fabulous this summer

Brigit Grant has the treatments and products to fast track your body for the beach

Brigit Grant is the Jewish News Supplements Editor

I LOVE SUMMER, but seriously miss the cover-up benefits of winter clothing. Anything could be going on under a big jumper, long skirt and heavy boots, but there is no place to hide in a diaphanous silk dress or beach playsuit. Regretting every Friday night kneidel and Sunday salmon bagel, I now face the annual task of trying to shift the kine-ahora curves before the B-Day landing (that’s B as in Beach).

Fortunately, every other woman is thinking the same thing, including the skinny ones who won’t even sniff a Danish before Spain. “Oi, have I piled on the pounds!” they say struggling to fill their size 6 Seven jeans as they divide a falafel between four. But it’s all relative and my relatives all like their food, which is why I have to try everything to avoid the walk of shame in a kaftan. Here’s what I’ll be sampling……


The Skinny Coffee Club drinkers appear regularly on Facebook proudly displaying their inch loss in denim shorts, but so far I can only tell you that it tastes really good from the comfort of a onesie. Like all weight-loss drinks, Skinny Coffee (it’s kosher friendly) comes alongside a flexible eating and exercise plan which one is encouraged to follow. The drink which comes in a stylish brown envelope pouch contains lots of fat-busting ingredients including green tea extract to increase metabolism, garcinia cambogia to reduce appetite – and super food spirulina. To lose up to a stone in 28 days requires the consumption of two cups a day with coconut or almond milk if you don’t like it black and sticking to a healthy diet. I’ve been back at the gym since I started the coffee, but have not been entirely dedicated to the drink. I do however know someone who dropped 16lbs in a month, so it can be done and I will update you in September.

Not drinking enough water is an issue for many, but it is required in the Maxislim BerryTrim mix which is a good thing. Also kosher-friendly, this food supplement which contains high strength Glucomannan has been dubbed the ‘gastric band in a glass’but the pleasantly fruity drink just makes you feel full enough not to stop the snacks. As with Skinny Coffee I have not been strictly committed to the cause , but the reviews by Wafflemama and other diet bloggers have been very positive when they combined it with the right food and exercise. (£29.95 for 42 servings at good health stores.


I didn’t realise how much I had missed The Laboratory Gym in Mill Hill until I was lying on a mat last week with resistance bands around my thighs praying for the Core Fusion class to end. Welcoming, swish and calm, The Lab is an oasis of possibility where the classes inflict pain, but next day’s muscle aches prove they work. If only I’d slept at The Lab through the winter months and eaten at their healthy café, there would be less of me.  www.millhilllab/


If all else fails there are non-surgical treatments that can sort out your shape and Accent Prime is one of the best and allegedly it is possible to get your skin tightened and body contoured in a lunchtime. Using radiofrequency (RF) which is delivered via rapid “in motion’’ technology directly to the tissue,the rotation generates friction which produces powerful and effective heat that causes contraction, stimulating the formation of new
collagen to tighten and firm the skin on the chosen area. It also delivers ultrasonic waves that destroy fat cells and helps improve cellulite.

A course of six treatments are recommended for best results at Courthouse Clinics in Watford or Wimpole Street where the beauticians are very informed. I’ve had three treatments now and can feel the tightening and those inside thigh bumps that nothing shifts is more refined. I’m  very hopeful a few more will give me Elle Macpherson’s pins and will report back.


The pounds may still be there, but you can smooth and tone the bumps with some serious creams including: Revitalizing Lift-o-Firm Body by QMS Medicosmetics which is a contouring cream that contains an ingredient complex of bitter orange and caffeine in natural oils to shape, tone and lift body contours. (£68 from QMS Medicosmetics salons and Liberty)

It’s the slimming properties of brown seaweed extract and Menthol that makes Dr. Ceuticals Tummy Tone an effective gel which works a directly on the causes of retained fat to help minimise the appearance of love handles aka cholla rails.( £9.99 from Boots).

Israelis are always beach ready, so there must be something to be said for The Malki Dead Sea body scrub with frankincense oil which cleans and detoxes your skin. (£7.79 from Boots).


When discussing skin and aging, collagen is the focus, but elastin plays an equally important role in keeping us looking young. Sure, collagen provides the firmness, but elastin gives it its elasticity and the ability to rebound when pinched or pulled. You know what bubbahs are like around cheeks. Chlorella inhibits the elastase enzyme, which breaks down elastin and Sun Chlorella stands out from the other products because they use a DYNO®-Mill process, which breaks down the cell walls of the algae (without the use of heat or chemicals which can reduce the quality of the chlorella) to ensure their products retain the most nutrients possible. It’s a skin saving purchase. or health stores nationwide. Sun Chorella (£50)

Salt, sea and sun take their toll, but not with Fillerina Lip Volume 3,   an award-winning, revolutionary lip plumping and hydrating product. You won’t need lipstick (though this is a great primer) as the hyaluronic acids in Fillerina really plump up the tissue and keep lips moist. This really makes a visible difference and use it for one month to see the best results. (£75.00 at Marks and Spencer

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