House of Lords hosts interfaith discussion on Jewish-Muslim relations

House of Lords hosts interfaith discussion on Jewish-Muslim relations

Speakers and the trustees of the Foundation, with Board president (second from the left) and Qari Asim (third from right.)

Jewish and Muslim leaders have met at the House of Lords to discuss how their communities can “move forward” together.

The president of the Board of Deputies Jonathan Arkush joined Qari Mohammed Asim, senior imam at Makkah mosque in Leeds at the event, the day before the Paris attacks.

The talk was chaired by the Lord Stone of Blackheath, patron of the Joseph Interfaith Foundation (JIF), who arranged the event for the National Interfaith Week.

The discussion in the House of Lords

 Arkush requested meetings with Muslim communities in Bradford, Leicester and Birmingham. He added that he was aware there are areas of disagreement including the “elephant in the room” of Israel-Palestine, but said people should agree to disagree and move on to what can be jointly achieved.

Imam Asim outlined his view that Jews and Muslims have more in common than their differences, agreeing that Israel-Palestine-should not shape relations.

He said a major point for moving the relationship forward would be for sections of the Muslim community to reject anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, adding that sections of the Jewish community must not think that all Muslims hate the Jews.

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