X Factor rap star Honey G takes over the internet

X Factor rap star Honey G takes over the internet

The Jewish rap star who's taken the signing competition by storm has also become an online sensation

David Cameron retires, Honey G turns up. Coincidence?
David Cameron retires, Honey G turns up. Coincidence?

Move over Kim Kardashian – X Factor hopeful Honey G officially took over the internet this week, as fans continue to debate whether she is a true pop culture phenomenon or just a very clever hoax.

The Jewish rapper, also known as Anna Gilford, a middle-class, former competitive tennis player from Harrow , stormed her way through to the next round of the popular ITV talent show on Saturday night with her rendition of California Love by Tupac.

Since then, the 35-year-old – who is being mentored by Sharon Osbourne – has been the talk of town on social media.

honey-gHoney G has been spotted rapping alongside former X Factor contestant Stacey Solomon, who is also Jewish, while previous winner Sam Bailey paid her own homage to the budding star.

Donning sunglasses, baseball cap and a tracksuit, Bailey posted a video on Twitter and exclaimed: “I’ll give Honey a run for her money!”

Meanwhile Honey G, who away from the stage runs her own recruitment company, penned an original rap for Piers Morgan, which for once left the normally outspoken television personality lost for words.

“I’m here with Piers Morgan, he’s not lame/ ‘Cos every day he breathes my name / ‘Cos I’m on my way to ultimate fame”, she sang.

Elsewhere on the internet, the nation’s mums, grandmas and toddlers are taking selfies of themselves dressed like Honey G, while other fans have noticed the rapper’s striking resemblance to a string of well-known names.

Karren Brady, Poochy from The Simpsons, Mike Myers in character from Wayne’s World and Roy Hodgson have all come under scrutiny, but most comments were reserved to the incredible likeness between Honey G and former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Honey... Hodgson?
Honey… Hodgson?
Honey G compared to Mike Myers in Wayne's world
Honey G compared to Mike Myers in Wayne’s world

@beaubeau80 writes: “David Cameron retires, Honey G appears. Coincidence? I think not #XFactor

Social media is equally awash with conspiracy theories about Honey G, with people divided over whether she is genuine, given her eccentric dress and questionable vocal talents.

Some even believe she might be a clever hoax act planted by X Factor producers.

Whatever the truth, the bookies believe she may even go on to win the show, having slashed her odds to 12-1 from 50-1. It could well be a sweet new year for Honey G after all.

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