Hitler Youth Torah scroll drum found in Poland after 70 years

Hitler Youth Torah scroll drum found in Poland after 70 years

Credit: From The Depths

A Hitler Youth drum made from a Torah scroll has been found in a small village near Łódź in Poland, and sent to Israel. 

Founder and Executive Director Jonny Daniels with the artefacts (Credit: From The Depths)

The drum was found by Jewish heritage volunteers in the basement of a former member of the Hitler Youth two weeks ago, after being hidden for almost 70 years.

Volunteers from ‘From The Depths’, which specialises in retrieving lost Jewish history, discovered the relic in an estate sale of an elderly man in a small village near Łódź.

The group said drum was purchased in the memory of the Levkovitch family, that was almost entirely wiped out during the Holocaust.

The organisation took guidance from the Chief Rabbi of Israel who said the drum could, and should, be used as part of a travelling exhibition and educational programme around the world.

From the Depths Founder, Jonny Daniels told the Jewish News: “We want young people to touch the history and have an emotional connection with the past.”

“After 70 years, the generations of survivors are leaving us too fast, now we become responsible to carry on this memory”. 

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