Historic maiden Shabbat for Aberdeen Jsoc was ‘amazing event’

Historic maiden Shabbat for Aberdeen Jsoc was ‘amazing event’

By Erez Agami, UJS (Union of Jewish Students) developing Jsocs officer

AberdeenIn the most Northern J-Soc in Scotland, on a freezing night in November, an amazing event unfolded.

Ten people from as far afield as Venezuela, Canada and Réunion Island, gathered in a university accommodation flat to celebrate the first official J-Soc Shabbat dinner of 2014.


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Aberdeen J-Soc, combining Jewish students from all the Higher Education institutions in Aberdeen, proudly lit Shabbat candles, made Kiddush and ate homemade challot in what was truly a special night.

We all stayed up until around 1am talking, drinking wine and chatting about plans for the year ahead and the future of the J-Soc.

This is the first year that Aberdeen has been an official J-Soc affiliated with the student union, enabling them to access university resources as well as have a stall at the freshers fair, attracting even more members.Aberdeen FND

At a time when there seems to be a lot of negativity from the outside community and the media surrounding Jewish student life, it is uplifting to see more and more J-Socs around the country getting bigger and stronger, offering a growing Jewish experience at universities from Aberdeen to Exeter, Dublin to East Anglia and a variety of places in-between.

Prospective Jewish students can be confident in the knowledge that almost anywhere they choose to go to university; they will have access to a J-Soc and if, on the off chance, this is not the case, there is nothing UJS loves more than forming a new J-Soc. 

Racheli Goldstein, an Israeli student who prepared dinner said:  “This was my first proper Friday Night Dinner since coming to Aberdeen; there was such a great atmosphere and it really made me feel at home”.

Daniel Perlmutter, J-Soc President said: “Aberdeen J-Socs’ first Shabbat dinner of 2014 was amazing. Students had a great time, enjoyed homemade Israeli food and laughed all night.”

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