Hendon Whites lift U10 cup

Hendon Whites lift U10 cup

Hendon White U10’s with their cup

Hendon United White’s were in celebratory mood on Sunday after they beat HMH Haifa to lift the U10 Cup.

The fourth time the sides have met this season, Hendon were looking for their first victory, though manager Harel van Dijk wasn’t too bothered about that particular statistic going into the match, saying: “We’re not too bothered about not beating them so far this season, but definitely want to set the record straight in this Cup Final and defend our title in the ultimate game of our season.

After a goalless first half, Noah van Dijk and Raphael Ezekiel scored a couple of goals each, with Tani Pfeffer and Raffi Barnett also on target to seal their win.

Hendon United White team:

Daniel Neville

Ami Jacobs, Akiva Ehreich, Lior Mansouri

Raffi Barnett, Samuel Brodie, Noah van Dijk

Rafi Cohen, Raphael Ezekiel, Tani Pfeffer

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