Hendon boss Garbacz called ‘classless’ by Redbridge manager

Hendon boss Garbacz called ‘classless’ by Redbridge manager

Hendon manager David Garbacz

A war of words has broken out between two leading Sunday morning football managers after Redbridge’s Jon Jacobs called last season’s treble-winning manager David Garbacz ‘classless’.

While Garbacz’s Hendon A side won Sunday morning’s Cyril Anekstein Cup tie 2-1, the real sparks flew after the full-time whistle, when Jacobs revealed he was aggrieved by Garbacz’s pre-match comments as well as his behaviour during the tie.

Not holding back his words, Jacobs said: “They are a class act on the pitch and behave like the champions they are, but off the pitch they are classless, led by David Garbacz with his stupid pre-match comments that it [the win] should be comfortable and his lack of manners pre and post-match.”

Any chance of the feud dying down will have to be put on hold as the sides meet again in a fortnight, and Garbacz didn’t need any encouragement to further stoke the flames. He said: “When we meet in two weeks’ time, I will make sure I call their manager by his name Jon and not mate, which he seemed to take enormous offence at as he made it perfectly clear he was not my mate.”

Jacobs hit back saying: “Mr Garbacz refers to everyone as mate, I think he will do well having any mates judging by his classless behaviour.”

Goals from Greg Corin and Avishai Kestenbaum saw Hendon through to the third round, and while Jacobs said their players were “gracious and complimentary in victory”, he was also scathing over the condition of Hendon’s home pitch. He said: “They deserve better than a cow patch of a pitch and changing rooms which wouldn’t look out of place in the 1960’s. The game was played on a surface that makes West Hendon look like Wembley.”

Garbacz was complimentary towards Redbridge’s players, saying: “This was not quite as comfortable a morning as we expected. There were times today when our hands were slipping off our trophy and Redbridge caused us all sorts of problems with their pacy forwards.

“We had to stand firm and fight for each other and knew we would have to win ugly. We were relieved to move into the hat for the next round.”

Jacobs did though have the last word, and saying he’s looking forward to giving Garbacz “a real East London welcome”, said: “We can’t wait for the return fixture in the Peter Morrison, we will even allow them a dressing room with a door.”

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