Having the summer of a lifetime at Camp America!

Having the summer of a lifetime at Camp America!

Want to spend nine weeks working on a Jewish Summer camp in the USA?

Camp America participants enjoying activities

Jewish applicants are in very high demand with US Summer Camps.

In 2014, 96 percent of all Jewish applicants who applied to Camp America secured a placement.

Camps hire our Jewish applicants as fast as we get them, and even then we still have hundreds of position not filled.

Many of the camps that work with Camp America are run by American Jewish organisations, such as Young Men’s (and Woman’s) Hebrew Association (YMHA), Jewish Community Centers (JCC), Young Judea and B’nai Brith (BBYO).

These camps offer American camping at its best in a Jewish, kosher environment. Most of the campers who attend these camps come from Jewish communities around the USA. They look to hire Jewish staff from around the world to help add to their camping experience.

We have found that many Jewish applicants in the past are afraid to mention they are Jewish when completing their application because they fear being placed at an Orthodox Jewish camp. The camps with which Camp America works are not Orthodox but traditional and any Jewish applicant would feel more than comfortable at one of these camps, whether they are religious or not. Don’t just take our word for it – see the testimonials below from previous participants…

Camp America participants enjoying activities

“I was worried that I wouldn’t feel comfortable at Crane Lake Camp due the fact I wasn’t as religious as I used to be… but the second I set foot in camp, I knew I was home!” – Jamie, Crane Lake Camp, MA.

“I loved the fact that despite Henry Horner being a Jewish camp, there was a wide range of counsellors from all religious and geographical backgrounds… and all who attended learned from each other!” – Sophie, Henry Horner, IL. Every year, Camp America sends thousands of applicants to have the summer of their lifetime.

Our Jewish applicants are among these with the added bonus that they can combine a brilliant experience with education about their faith, as well as teaching others. It truly is an amazingly rewarding experience.

To apply, visit our website, www.camp america.co.uk and feel free to always get in contact with our Jewish recruitment specialist, Allen Langer at alanger@campamerica.co.uk.

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