Police investigating latest bus attack on Hasmo boys

Police investigating latest bus attack on Hasmo boys

Incident on the 240 bus to Edgware on Wednesday evening follows an earlier attack on Hasmo girls on 113 bus

Police are investigating an incident on Wednesday night in which boys from Hasmonean High School were “physically and verbally abused” on a bus.

The latest incident involving Hasmo students occurred on the 240 bus to Edgware and officers are trying to retrieve the CCTV.

The school’s headteacher Andrew McClusky wrote to parents on Thursday, explaining that police officers had been to the school to interview the boys.

It follows another similar incident involving girls from Hasmonean on the 113 bus, in which the perpetrators were identified on CCTV, but as yet have not been identified.

McClusky said the boys were “both physically and verbally abused” and that one had his property destroyed.

“As soon as we became aware of the latest incident, Rabbi Cohen reported it to the police and the transport police,” he said. “It was also reported to the CST who we hope will also be able to provide support and assistance.”

He said he had sought assurances from the Borough Commander of Barnet that routes were being patrolled “in the morning and evening to enable our students to travel to and from school in safety”.

The school’s students are to be given “extra training and advice on how to stay safe” but parents were nevertheless urged to make sure their children “stay together while travelling to and from school and not to engage with anyone who provokes them”.

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