Avram Grant threatened ahead of Egypt World Cup qualifier

Avram Grant threatened ahead of Egypt World Cup qualifier

Ghana's Israeli coach reportedly the target of attack from Egyptian supporters ahead of next week's World Cup qualifier.

Andrew Sherwood is the Jewish News Sport and Community Editor

Ghana coach Avram  Grant
Ghana coach Avram Grant

The Egyptian Football Association is reportedly set to increase security ahead of a World Cup qualifier next week after a plot was revealed to attack Ghana’s Israeli coach Avram Grant.

According to local sources, the Egyptian FA has received threatening messages from fans who intend to attack Grant while he’s in the country, one message stating “Israelis are not welcome in the country.”

A member of the Egypt FA has revealed supporters have been plotting to harass and taunt the coach from his arrival at the airport until he leaves the country, saying: “They plan to hurt him with several attacks of chants and to be rude to him. They don’t want him to come into Egypt because people don’t like him around.”

Supporters are also reportedly asking Egyptian authorities to prevent him from travelling to Egypt, though Grant who took charge of the Ghanaian national side in December 2014 also now holds a Polish passport which will ensure he will have no problems entering the country.

The match will be held at the 75,000-capacity Borg Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria, despite Grant calling for the game to be played at a neutral ground due to security concerns.

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