Graffiti in Edgware calling Jews ‘aliens and malevolent’ reported to police

Graffiti in Edgware calling Jews ‘aliens and malevolent’ reported to police

Police aware of offensive vandalism in three locations which called Jews and gay people 'aliens and malevolent'

Posters calling 'Jews and gays' aliens and malevolent
Posters calling 'Jews and gays' aliens and malevolent

A spate of antisemitic daubings around Edgware calling Jews “aliens” and “malevolent” have been reported to the police.

Bus shelters and the wall of a bank were vandalised this week, after similar graffiti urging people to watch conspiratorial antisemitic videos was reported last Thursday.

A bus stop in Burnt Oak had the phrase “Jews and gays are gray aliens” daubed onto it, while a wall next to Natwest Bank on Hale Lane was defaced with the phrase “Jews and gays are malevolant [sic]’.

This comes after a bus shelter on Station Road outside the Railroad hotel in Edgware was vandalised with antisemitic phrases last Thursday.

“Youtube this” was written on the shelter, before numerous conspiracy video are listed including: “Talmud quotes + (about goyim)”, “Rothschild Trillions quantified” and “New World Order Agenda”.

Antisemitic graffiti on the bus shelter outside the Railway Hotel

The graffiti also told people to search about Kabalah (Jewish mysticism) as well as clips about aliens and an arrest warrant for the Queen and the Pope.

On Wednesday, police said they “are aware of these incidents and an appointment has already been made with the caller. At this stage it is too early to say if they are linked. No arrests have been made”.

Mark Gardner, director of communication at the Community Security Trust (CST) said after the incident last Thursday that it was “the kind of thing you would more usually see on the Internet, but by any standards it is a bizarre compilation of conspiracies, with antisemitism at their heart.”

After the most recent incidents, people responded on Twitter to voice their disgust. @eidansal said: “I live in Edgware and I am disgusted that this is happening, if I see anything like this I will take pics and report to the police! I’m proud of my local area especially the diversity!”

@DrClaireEmma wrote: “This is so upsetting to see! I grew up in Edgware without seeing anything like this. My parents still live there. The rise in xenophobia is awful!”

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