Google urged to pull ‘Bomb Gaza’ game

Google urged to pull ‘Bomb Gaza’ game

Google has been urged to remove a “sick” mobile phone game called ‘Bomb Gaza’ in which players must drop bombs while trying to avoid killing civilians.2

Launched last week on Google Play, the game (pictured) has so far been downloaded hundreds of times, and its designers now boasting an updated version which includes “Israel theme music”.

In it, fighter jets carrying the Star of David fly over Gaza, represented by a series of tunnels, with Hamas fighters wearing black and carrying rockets, while civilians – often cradling infants – are dressed in white.

Users took to Twitter to urge the technology giant to remove the game.

One tweeted: “This is as unacceptable as making a game where you play Nazis bombing Jews”. Another simply called it “disgusting and sick”.

Others pointed to a game called ‘Rocket Pride’ whereby the object is to fire rockets into Israel. “The player will face a lot of obstacles,” it reads, £such as fire, as well as anti-missile Iron Dome and other various means of defense”.

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