Going Viral #2 – Temple Run: High Holiday edition

Going Viral #2 – Temple Run: High Holiday edition

“Ever felt like running out of Temple on Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur? If you did, would your Rabbis chase you down? This is one man’s story of Temple fear.”

So reads the description to Youtube video Jewish Temple Run – High Holiday Edition. For anyone who has felt the stress of the High Holiday period, maybe you can relate to Jewbellish‘s excellent spoof of beloved iPad, iPod and Android app Temple Run.

Fleeing his synagogue with two rabbis in hot pursuit, our protagonist leaps over obstacles, drops coins in charity boxes and kisses mezuzahs as he goes. The “run again” menu/failure screen will be especially familiar to experienced Temple Run gamers in this loving parody that abounds with clever references to the original game and the High Holiday period itself.

It even ends on a positive note as our runner is pulled from the ocean by the two rabbis, after which they run down the beach together, his Temple fear presumably cured. How inspiring!

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Viral Statistics

Upload date: 21 Aug 2013

View at time of writing: 31,998

Youtube Reactions: Most of the comments adhere to the “Lol good stuff” sentiment displayed by David Jones while  Michael Benitah states the obvious with “Temple Run!!!!!”. Nothing much to dig into here…

Jewish News verdict: a funny parody of a popular game with great production and authentic touches with an important lesson – you can never outrun your rabbi.

Stray thoughts: lots of other games ripe for parody here – Angry Bubbelehs anyone?


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