Going out: What Jewish dogs do!

Going out: What Jewish dogs do!

We asked our four-legged furry pals for recommendations for activities this summer!

Brigit Grant is the Jewish News Supplements Editor

Ozzy Sanford, a Labrador Collie.

“I like to go to the Bull n Bush in Hampstead, but not the Freemasons Arms as I was a naughty boy there. Also like Adam & Eve in Mill Hill. There is no better park than Edgwarebury, where I found a bullet and was famous.”


Marley Pena

“I’m actually moving to Portugal where I hope I will find a park as nice as Oakhill in East Barnet. I love football and I know the Portuguese are good at it, so that could be good.”


Bugsy Segal the poodle

“ I hang out on the couch with Martin and watch cycling, especially the Tour de France. Love it when Bracha ben Avraham comes with her Israel guide dog Labrador, Dinka as we get to go to the park on Shakespeare Drive.”


Charlie Spender, a Beagle

“I like the Bull n Bush and Café Toulouse where I like the sausages. I like to walk on the Heath Extension as I can roll around and see my friends.”


Barney Elmaleh

“My owner is the founder of Waggingtons in Mill Hill and we always have other dogs to stay. I am 91 in dog years, but still love my walks on Arandene with my pals. I also love snow.”


Biscuit, a very friendly cockerpoo

“I’m very partial to chicken. So anywhere I can go for chicken  and, cuddles.”


Salsa Bogen, Labrador age 11

“I love Trent Park and swimming anywhere”


Oscar, Golden Doodle

“I love Whippendale wood in Watford where I can clear the park of dandelions. Delicious!!”


George Golberg, Cockerpoo

“My favourite places to eat… La Dinette, North&Ten and Bob’s are in Muswell Hill, then its  Greenberry in Primrose Hill  and Red Lion & Sun in Highgate  Also go to Nati’s on Priory  Hill and Ginger & White in Hampstead which is not really dog friendly , but they let me clean up the crumbs in the entrance. As for walking, you’ll catch me in Highgate Woods or Waterlow Park.”

George Golberg

Eileen, a French Bull Dog

“I love watermelon and blue berries and going round Hampstead Heath. My family will be surprised to see me in the paper.”

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