Gilah Nursery School rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted

Gilah Nursery School rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted

Inspectors praised the support given to children, including those with special educational needs

Gilah Nursery children
Gilah Nursery children

Gilah Nursery School in Borehamwood has seen its Ofsted rating jump from “good” to “outstanding”.

The Orthodox Jewish nursery, inspected on July 2, has been rated “outstanding” across all categories since it was deemed “good” in 2016.

“Staff thoroughly support children to solve minor disputes, modelling calm and positive behaviour. Children learn to have the utmost respect for each other,” inspectors said.

Ofsted praised the support given to children, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities, and staff understanding of children’s safety.

Managers also “carefully” analyse children’s progress to quickly identify any gaps in teaching and learning, the report said.

“Staff have undertaken much professional development, including individual and whole group training. This has strengthened their skills in promoting the concentration and engagement of all children,” it read.

Inspectors said the use of music, games and lively conversations helps children develop creative and language skills. “Staff use books in imaginative ways to help children immerse themselves in the wonder of the story, such as using props to bring the story to life,” they said.

Ofsted also praised the nursery for respecting the views of parents, staff and children while putting its “innovative” ideas into practice to achieve “outstanding” outcomes.

To continue to improve, the nursery should develop its outdoor area to support children when they play outside, the report said.

Rochelle Miller, from the nursery’s board of governors, said: “The governors and headteacher are delighted with the report and commend all the staff on the rating.
“It is a culmination of all the hard work by the staff and we look forward to Gilah going from strength to strength with Georgina Lesser as its new head following the retirement of its former head Susan Grey, who laid the foundations for the outstanding nursery we have today.”
Lesser told JN: “As the new head of Gilah I’m so proud to be have an Outstanding rating. I have an incredible team.”
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