Get £50 off on Sensica beauty gadgets for cellulite reduction and anti-ageing

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Get £50 off on Sensica beauty gadgets for cellulite reduction and anti-ageing

Brigit Grant discovered DIY Beauty gadgets for face and body during lockdown and now there is no looking back

Brigit Grant is the Jewish News Supplements Editor

The magic hair removal kit made in Israel
The magic hair removal kit made in Israel

NO BOTOX. NO FILLERS. No matter, as no one will be seeing you. But my initial dismay at the government’s stay-at-home mandate
on 23 March switched to abject horror when I realised this rule also applied to aestheticians.

There were women for whom the closure of hair and beauty salons spelled disaster as their husbands thought they were naturally blonde with no moustache. Having dyed my hair green at the age of 14, sorting grey roots was not an issue, but the return of glabellar lines (between nose and brows) was!

In the scheme of things  the reappearance of wrinkles should not have mattered, but it did. Keeping them at bay for 15 years has stopped
me looking cross when I’m not, and even the best skin products have their limitations. I was set for my furrowing fate – until Israel saved me.

Sensilight mini laser

As the UAE has discovered, the tiny country is a technological giant and, when it comes to beauty gadgets, there is no hair-removing, line-erasing, skin- smoothing device it hasn’t developed. Sensica, established in 2016, is one of the global market leaders in this arena, and its six innovative home-use devices include Sensilift, a clinically-proven solution for mild to moderate facial wrinkles; Sensilight with its Reactive Pulse Light (RPLTM) technology, which permanently reduces unwanted hair, and Sensifirm, which sorts out cellulite and the circumferences of buttocks, thighs, waist, hips, abdomen and arms. This is some arsenal, I thought, while snacking and, as trials are a perk of the job, introduced myself to Sensica’s Claudia Cabelli Fajn, who has a degree in clinical nutrition and an MA in marketing. That isn’t me in the picture, but the Sensifirm delivered significant toning to the bits that needed it, and six months more should have me in shape for summer next year.

Sensica’s Claudia answered my questions

I’ve yet to try the Sensilift as I got hooked on another Israeli designed product, the Newa (, which lifted my chin so much I looked like I’d had surgery. I’m hopeful Sensilift will be as effective and quizzed Claudia:

Are the gadgets more effective when used in conjunction with professional treatments?
CF: I wouldn’t say they are better, but they certainly can be complementary.

In the current situation, when nothing is certain, we need more flexible treatments in general. Some women feel vulnerable having a treatment in a salon now,so achieving those results at home with Sensica is appealing.

Do Sensilight’s hair-reducing lasers work and how often should you use it?

CF: All hair removal treatments require patience and consistent use and should be done two weeks apart for the first four treatments and then four weeks apart. The results are individual and depend on hair colour and genetics, but our clinical studies show a reduction in hair growth after four treatments.

Sensica products in development

How long is a Sensica product in development?
CF: Producing a product from scratch, under medical ISO and FDA regulations takes approximately two to three years.

Which products do you personally use?
CF: I’m very satisfied with the Sensilift and my daughter uses our latest hair removal device Sensilight PRO, which is cordless with unlimited flashes.

And what would be the perfect gift?

CF: Personally I’d suggest £50 discount off Sensica beauty gadgets for hair removal, cellulite reduction and anti-aging’ with the code: JN2020

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