German refugees honoured with plaque

German refugees honoured with plaque

Two German refugees were honoured with the installation of a plaque, paying tribute to their contributions

TWO refugees who were active in London’s German Jewish community after escaping Nazi oppression were honoured at an event to celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Association of Jewish Refugees.

At the reception at the Wiener Library last Wednesday, AJR chairman Andrew Kaufman announced the installation of a plaque in honour of Hans and Eva Reichmann for “their everlasting contributions to the flourishing of the refugees and the shaping of our understanding of the culture, heritage and history of the Jewish émigrés from Central Europe”.

In his role as chairman of the AJR, Hans cultivated relationships with MPs, bodies that dealt with Jewish/Christian relations and Anglo-Jewish organisations, while Eva, the director of the Weiner Library’s research department, was a respected scholar.

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