George Galloway’s Respect Party deregisters

George Galloway’s Respect Party deregisters

The firebrand ex-MP, known for his anti-Israel views, said the move was because the party supports Jeremy Corbyn

Justin Cohen is the News Editor at the Jewish News

George Galloway
George Galloway

George Galloway has said Respect has deregistered as a political party because “we support Corbyn’s Labour Party”.

The move has prompted speculation one of Britain’s best known anti-Israel figure could try to rejoin Labour, which expelled him in 2003 over his position on the war in Iraq and Tony Blair. Labour’s rules bar members from expressing support for other parties.

Respect registered in 2004 and Galloway become its only MP in 2012, before losing the Bradford West seat to Naz Shah last year. He went on to take just over one percent of the vote in his bid to become London mayor.

During the Labour leadership campaign last year, Galloway said he would rejoin the party “pretty damn quick” if Corbyn became leader.

Labour has not responded to questions about whether Galloway would be let back in if he applied.

The Respect Party “voluntarily deregistered” on 18 August.

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