Freer welcomes review of Palestinian school textbooks

Freer welcomes review of Palestinian school textbooks

Israel claims Palestinian kids being taught to hate Jews, which goes against the UK's 'partnership principles'

Joe Millis is a journalist

Mike Freer
Mike Freer

A Tory MP has welcomed a government commitment to conduct an independent review into allegations of anti-Israeli incitement in Palestinian school textbooks.

Finchley and Golders Green MP Mike Freer said: “I welcome this review into the content of Palestinian textbooks, and fully agree that it is extremely important that antisemitism, violence and hatred have no place in both society, as well as in a school curriculum.

“The government has committed to engaging with the highest levels of the Palestinian Authority on this important issue.”

The UK is taking a leading role in ensuring this process is completed by September 2019 and the review will be used as the basis for further discussions with the Palestinian Authority.

The Palestinian Minister of Education has committed to engage constructively with this review, and listen to its recommendations.

There are concerns that the curriculum in Palestine encourages violence, and that UK support is used only to pay the salaries of health and education workers on a vetted list.

UK aid to the Palestinian education sector plays a crucial role. In 2018, UK support to the Palestinian Authority enabled around 26,500 young Palestinians to receive an education.

The government reviews on a yearly basis that the Palestinian Authority is demonstrating a credible commitment to Department for International Development’s “partnership principles”, including the principle of non-violence.

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