Forty Under 40! Who will shape the future of Anglo-Jewry?

Forty Under 40! Who will shape the future of Anglo-Jewry?


UnknownJewish News – in conjunction with the Jewish Leadership Council – proudly relaunches its community-wide initiative to identify the future leaders of British Jewry!

Over the coming months, Forty Under 40 aims to pinpoint those who appear poised to occupy senior roles within communal organisations as well as those likely to shape the direction and perceptions of Anglo-Jewry through their work in fields like politics, charity and education.

And, for the first time, we will also be publishing a parallel list, Twenty-Five Under 25, celebrating the achievements of those still in or recently out of formal education.

 To access the Twenty-Five Under 25 voting form CLICK HERE!

Jewish News readers are invited to nominate individuals they believe to be deserving of inclusion in our final lists of 40 individuals aged under 40 and 25 individuals aged under 25 [on 31 March 2015].

Our two countdowns will be published in the newspaper next year, with the Forty Under 40 winner  named in our Pesach issue.

Nominations will also come from a 12-strong panel selected  for their expertise in various areas of the community. It is this panel – chaired by community leader Andrew Gilbert and featuring members both under and over 40 – that will be charged with selecting the final 40 and ranking them.

Jewish News editor Richard said the panel would be “intrigued to discover who readers nominate”. He added: “Forty Under 40 and Twenty-Five Under 25 attempt to shine a light into the future of our community. The young individuals we are seeking – and who will feature on our final lists –  will likely find themselves shaping the direction of Anglo-Jewry in the years to come. No small responsibility!”

The initiative is being sponsored and supported by the Jewish Leadership Council. Its chief executive Simon Johnson said: “The JLC is delighted to support Forty Under 40. It will be a pleasure to celebrate the achievements of our community’s leaders, to encourage the development of excellence and to highlight the growth in leadership capability within our communal organisations.”

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